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Grants and Assistance

Grants & Assistance

Grants and Assistance

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Federal and State Government

Energy Saving Scheme

The Scheme offers MSW businesses with financial incentives to upgrade equipment and processes to improve energy efficiency.

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Business Experts and Advisers

You don't have to do it alone - working with an experienced business adviser or expert can help solve business problems, connect you to funding and grow your industry networks..

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We encourage you to make use of this free resource - visit the site and work through the modules.

More Grants & Training

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

The Department of Industry, Innovation, Science drive growth and job creation for a more prosperous Australia, by facilitating economic transformation and boosting business competitiveness. The Department, and the wider portfolio, are working to accelerate productivity growth and secure Australia’s prosperity in a competitive global economy. Plese click here for funding and incentives. offers you simple and convenient access to tools, tips and information to plan, start (registration and licences), change and grow your business..

NSW State Government

Service NSW COVID-19 Assistance Finder

Business owners experiencing difficulties due to COVID-19 can find the benefits, rebates and concessions available to them using the Service NSW-19 Assistance Finder.

The Assistance Finder is an easy-to-use online tool that lists the options for financial support best suited to your circumstance.

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Small Business Commissioner

Running a successful small business takes time and dedication. On top of actually providing the products and services they're in business for, small business owners are often their mown marketing, sales, accounts and human resources departments. The Small Business Commissioner can help small businesses operate as professionally, as efficiently and as successfully they can.

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Small Business NSW

NSW Fair Trading provides information and assistance for consumer issues, motor vehicles, home building and renovation, credit, complaints, property and tenancy issues, plus co-operatives and online tools.