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The Smithfield-Wetherill Park Business Hub (SWP Business Hub) is the hub of manufacturing and distribution in greater Western Sydney. It is at the geographic centre of Sydney’s major industrial zones and sits strategically between the major population and urban growth zones in the North West and South West of Sydney. The estate boasts over 1,400 manufacturing, wholesale, transport and service firms, and employs more than 15,000 people.

Smithfield-Wetherill Park is one of the best places in Sydney for firms employing skilled trades, machine and plant operators, drivers, process workers and labourers. Almost half of Sydney’s manufacturing workers live less than 30 minutes away.
These factors make Smithfield-Wetherill Park a strategic location for industrial, manufacturing, and distribution services of a wide range of industrial equipment, food, building and consumer products.

The diversity of industries and businesses brings advantages such as a wide range of industry services, including an extensive engineering capability. Also, complementary supply, skills, and technology links generate synergy between firms unmatched by smaller industrial areas.
The SWP Business Hub offers businesses competitively priced and centrally located sites close to customers and their workforce with a variety of production and warehousing sites for lease.

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Food Galore

You will find a wide range of high-quality restaurants and cafes to enjoy with work colleagues, friends or family.

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Recreation and Lesiure

The Smithfield-Wetherill Park Business Hub provides various recreational and leisure activities. You can use Prairiewood Leisure Centre with its comfortable and modern venue offering a wide range of health and fitness facilities and services, or there are numrous yoga facilties to help you unwind.

You can also visit Western Sydney Parklands, which is an excelllent place for family picnic, BBQ, walking or cycling.

More information can be found on our Recreation and Leisure Map

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Hospital, Medical and Dental Centres, and Pharmacies

You have convenience and peace of mind in the Smithfield-Wetherill Park Business Hub because you're just a 10-minute drive from a principal hospital and numerous medical, dental and pharmacy services.  

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Facilities, Major Shopping Centres and Special Attractions

Did you know there is a quaint Dutch shop where you can buy Dutch groceries and try traditional Dutch cuisine? This is just one of the many attractions hidden in the Smithfield-Wetherill Park area.

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State Roads and B-Double Routes

As an import and export centre, Smithfield-Wetherill Park is easily accessible via motorways, rail links and airports. With the Cumberland Highway as the major road link, the estate connects with the M4, M5, Pacific and Hume Highways and has convenient access to the M7 and M2 Motorway. A container rail terminal is also at Yennora.