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Welcome to Fairfield City, a city which is continuing to develop, prosper and rise to its full potential. A city, which is rich as a tapestry in colour, vibrancy and cultural mix. A city with many advantages for business.

Fairfield City is approximately 100 square km in size, incorporates 27 suburbs, and is home to more than 180,000 people. Our people have come from 133 countries and speak more than 70 languages.

Whilst mainly residential, our City contains the large scale regional industrial estate of Smithfield-Wetherill Park, as well as a number of smaller industrial centres.

With two major business and retail centres at Fairfield and Cabramatta, growing centres in Prairiewood and Bonnyrigg and many neighbourhood retail centres, our City offers excellent shopping and dining opportunities.

In addition, Fairfield City has beautiful parklands and large expanses of rural land in the suburbs of Horsley Park and Cecil Park, providing people with a close at hand retreat from city life.

Fairfield City Council has given a lot of consideration to the future of Fairfield City and its people. As a result, Council and our partners are working towards our Vision for a city that is a thriving, safe, friendly place where people who support and respect each other are proud to live, invest and prosper.

We invite you to invest in Fairfield City and to start, to grow and to conduct your business here, and to become part of our City’s community. We are here to support you.

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